Driving Efficiency with Invoice Processing through RPA

The Challenge

Our client is a forward-looking company highly focused on Engineering, Procurement and Construction, headquartered in the Middle East. They have the largest fabrication yard and one of the largest fleets of offshore vehicles in the MENA region. The manual efforts on their invoice processing were tedious and humongous which propelled them to plan for automating the time-consuming processes.




Human errors


Tasks in Invoice Processing


Operational Risk

Our Approach

We approached the client’s business challenges by designing and deploying an RPA robot that handles the entire task of invoice processing with virtually no human input. It extracts the invoice attachments from email and performs data entry tasks along with rule-based validation. Also, it accesses the invoice data from the Vendor Management System and effectively validates the actual invoice. With this RPA implementation, we automated the reconciliation of invoices with required control points, validations, and verifications.

RPA Invoice Processing Case Study


The client experienced a 95% reduction in the Turn-Around-Time. They understood that the implemented robot with 100% data accuracy, enables their employees to devote their time to activities that deliver immense value to the organization. They witnessed a 95% reduction in manual works resulted in human errors.


Reduction in Turn around Time


Reduction in Manual Efforts


Data Accuracy

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