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India's manufacturing sector is already moving towards industry 4.0, where everything will be organized and every data point will be analyzed to optimize the industrial operations. Digital disruption, fierce competition, globalization, the regulatory pressures, all these – is disrupting business models. Manufacturing operations and IT together are converging! Manufacturers are adopting digital technologies for driving efficiencies throughout different stages of the manufacturing process. New age technologies are revolutionizing the manufacturing sector by enabling better collaboration and faster decision making.

With the belief to let our clients experience better possibilities, we offer the best in class technology expertise and solutions to enable the journey of digital manufacturing. Inspirisys helps the manufacturing enterprises to achieve operational excellence and unparalleled customer experience through constant innovation and the ever-evolving technological solutions.

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Deep Learning for Locating Defects in Manufacturing QC

Deep Learning for Locating Defects in Manufacturing QC:

A new approach to detecting defects on PCBs that identify spatial location and extent is proposed, with potential applicability to similar manufacturing scenarios that use tiny components. We use a hierarchical multi-resolution approach to image analysis. The idea is that different levels of image resolution can provide different kinds of information about the target. Each such level can be proces...

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